Data Recovery

Your contacts, your photos, your memories. Our technicians will do their utmost best to perform data recovery and recover your data from any phone.

We specialize in data transfer from an old phone to a new phone and recovery of data from a damaged phone. And if you already got a Warranty/Insurance replacement, we can still extract all your data and put them on a CD. You can then use this CD to restore all your data back to your phone.

We offer all kinds of repair services like, Flashing, Data Transfer and Recovery, Number Transfers. Our team also handles software issues, Internet and MMS Settings for worldphones phones.

We have a through process and perform the recovery with exteme care.We do our best to recover contacts and photos from the phones.

We also will do our best to recover accidentally deleted photos from flash drives,memory cards and other media.

Our technicians will provide you with a free estimate.

All parts used are 100% original from the manufacturer.

All personal data is kept secured and totally PRIVATE.

Having issues with your phone?

We are able to repair almost any mobile phone, no booking required.