Battery Replacement

If your phone is running out of battery quickly, not charging at all, overheating, or shutting down, the battery may need to be replaced. The most common issues with mobile devices older than 3 / 4 years is down to the battery. Naturally batteries degrade over time and this impacts your mobiles performance drastically. If you are not sure if the problem is the battery or charging port, bring it for diagnostic. Our expert staff will identify the issue and provide the best possible solution available.

We never repair a faulty battery due to the hazardous nature of the lithium-ion. We fully replace the battery with a factory replacement to ensure the longevity of the device and to return to its peak performance.

Our phone battery replacement service offers the quickest turnaround, we can replace your mobile phone battery and return it to you same day.

Having issues with your phone?

We are able to repair almost any mobile phone, no booking required.